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Welcome back to this week’s episode of The Drummers I Like Podcast. Today’s guest, Kris Mazzarisi is the owner/founder of Big Fat Snare Drum, the drummer for LMFAO, and drum and guitar tech. This Long Island native gives us the skinny on how he got Big and Fat!

In this Episode:

  • Big Fat Beginnings – Kris takes us back to his roots and shares the moment the light bulb went off for BFSD.
  • Big Fat Break – After getting a prototype into the hands of Questlove, Kris had some Big Fat Demands to fill, and he explains how.
  • Big Fat Reviews – Kevin and Richard give us the rundown on their experience with the BFSD products.

Humble Beginnings:

      The road for Kris has been an adventure filled one for sure, from touring with pop-punk bands in his younger years too, “faking” his way around like a drum tech. Kris has always stood by the idea that if you want something bad enough you will learn along the way until you have perfected it. This is what Kris did for years as a drum/guitar tech for Sara Bareilles, but it never showed. Kris eventually found his way to LMFAO where he got to tour the world with the Party-Pop Band.

Big Ass Snare Drum

Building a product that explodes almost overnight isn’t always well planned and often done out of necessity. Kris was constantly looking for ways to get that fat snare sound without having to retune in between each song, and with some, macgyver like ingenuity found his first prototype. Once Kris knew he had something that drummers wanted he needed to name it and manufacture it. The manufacturing was the easy part; it was getting that Big Fat idea for the name that was the challenge but Kris had no shortage of inspiration around him to help him find the sweet spot.   

Reviews Reviews!

Kevin and Richard got the chance to test out some of the classics from BFSD. Here are the guys’ thoughts and experiences with the products.

The Original 10” – Great on snares, works miracles on floor toms! When it comes to tuning the floor tom most get that boomy flappy overtone, but when The Original is placed on top the decay is reduced, and only punchy tones shine through.  

Steves Donut – Richard already uses a cooling ring on his snare drum, but kept in on and added the donut. Placing Steves Donut on top gave Rich’s snare a gentle thud, while still keeping some of the overtones.  

Big Fat Neck Tie – Placed on Rich’s massive 22” ride it produced an unexpected sizzle comparable to rivets. The uses don’t stop there as with all of the Big Fat products they aren’t meant to be used only for one application. This necktie, when used on crashes, makes them explode!  

Big Fat Bling Ring – Richard has an on setup with a splash on his hi-hats, and when the Big Fat Bling Ring is placed on top a bright, splashy “Ching” that added a significant effect to his fills.

Thanks so much Kris for being on the show! Thanks again Kris for sending out the whole Big Fat family for Kevin and Richard to play with and enjoy. I think it’s safe to say that Kris, you have taken a simple idea and blossomed it into one of the most innovative drum companies in the drumming world right now.

And as a special thank you to you, our listeners if you visit the Big Fat Snare Drum shop and use promo code: drummersilike you can get 15% off any of the amazing products!

And from us at Drummers I Like if you visit the shop you can get free shipping and 10% off using promo code: BFSD

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