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Welcome back to this week’s episode of the Drummers I Like podcast. Today we are joined by long time companion Noam Lederman, Noam is a family man above everything else but a phenomenal drummer nonetheless. Noam is an educator, touring drummer and writer who endorses, Mapex, Paiste, and VicFirth.

In this episode:

  • One of a kind: Noam breaks down his experience growing up and pursuing music in Israel.
  • The guide to success: As Noam takes us through his journey are continually presented with multiple success points.
  • The man who authored it all: Noam has published over 100 books and we were lucky enough to get our hands on one.

One of a kind:

Noam started out playing jazz behind the kit, young, new and unfamiliar to the instrument Noam took the struggles he faced behind the kit and turned them into a learning experience that pushed him to grow and develop into a better musician. After completing the four-year course in school Noam took to the stage as a touring drummer, while still in the military, with the band in Israel known as RockFour.   

Noam’s Guide to Success:

Just like playing the drums in school, which taught Noam strict discipline, Noam found himself in the military which has shaped him into the drummer he is today. Setting deadlines for practice and personal goals is one of Noam’s keys to being successful behind the kit. Noam takes these standrards with him in any endeavor he pursues in life. 

The “Noam curriculum”:

Noam found that life on stage was great but the real calling for him was when he attended a school in London and found that educating and creating his one drum material was the direction he needed to follow. Noam within a few years had published over 100 drum books from composition to transcribing and even writing out play-along drum scores.

Noam also has the AcademyofRock in Singapore where he hosts drummers from around the world for clinics or just jam sessions.

If you have seen Noam playing on Instagram or youtube you have noticed he is not shy to stack cymbals or add accessories which warrant a unique sound. In this episode, Noam really breaks down his thought process for why he thinks outside the box when it comes to setting up his kit.

Rapid Singles

  1. What was holding you back from becoming a successful drummer?
  • Learning to deal with competition.
  1. What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
  • “Do what you love, and love what you do.”
  1. What’s a personal habit that contributes to your success?
  • Living a healthy, active lifestyle.
  1. Share a resource or tool that helps you survive as a drummer.
  • Easy Beats App, for looping tracks to play too.
  1. Recommend just one book. what would it be and why?
  • New Bread
  1. Imagine you woke up tomorrow in a world exactly like ours, you still had all the same knowledge and talent that you have as a drummer but you know no one. All you have is $500, a smartphone, and small portable drum set. What would you do first?
  • Spend a week in nature alone with the drums and think about what will make me happy, then create a vision plan of who I want to be and how. When your heart is in the right place, nobody can stop you!

Well, that’s it for this episode of the Drummers I Like podcast! We really enjoyed chatting with Noam and we hope you did too! Tune in next week for episode 50 of the Drummers I Like Podcast! We have a lot to announce!

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