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Today we have a very exciting guest on the show, Omari Augustine. Omari is a Drumeo certified teacher from Trinidad and Tobago, he has toured the world playing all styles of music.

Omari is a creative, one of a kind musician who has so much passion and excitement for what he does. Omari is endorsed by, Pro-mark, Evans drumheads, True Tuner, Lowboy Beaters, Serenity Drums, Drumtacs, D’adario Drummer’s clothing Co.

3:00-10:00 For Omari, his drumming journey started very early from his dad who was also a drummer. Seeing his dad playing this instrument sparked the inspiration for Omari that blossomed into his life today. Then at the age of only fourteen Omari joined a band and began to travel the world, from the Caribbean Islands to New York, playing Calypso. This style of music is most commonly performed by such artists as Ras Shorty I, Nigel Lopez. This style of music is also commonly associated various forms of worship throughout the world.

10:00 – 13:30 As a teacher, Omari is always open to a challenge and while working with a student he was challenged with playing the drums backward. If you haven’t seen any of Omari’s videos on Instagram or his YouTube channel, I recommend checking those out, where you can learn from his lessons as well as see some backward drumset skills. Even as a teacher it is always a learning experience for Omari.

13:30 – 28:00 Now Omari breaks down his very creative and funky style of playing and the one of a kind cymbals and kit he plays on. For Omari, having a kit that stands out artistically goes hand in hand with playing that stands out. The most notable cymbal that stands out on Omari’s kit is his painted Hi-Hats, which were actually done by his very talented sister. His sister is currently earning her degree in art and is always working with Omari, designing everything from drumsticks to snare drums. Omari also brings a lot of creativity into his drum covers he will do from time to time. His most recent cover of a Major Lazor song has lots interesting cinematography in it. Omari never takes himself to serious, and you can see in his covers and videos is that Omari enjoys what he does very much.

28:00 – 33:00 Rich ask what everyone wants to know about, and that’s the Serenity Drum kit that Omari plays on. Omari shares how he got in contact with John of Serenity Drums, and eventually became a part of the Serenity Drum family. Serenity drums is a unique custom drum company who values personal detail as much as they stand behind their products. From hand selecting veneers geared towards each individual’s’ style of playing so the kit really becomes an extension of the artist, to personally delivering each drum kit, Serenity Drums stand out in the crowd. Omari’s custom kit is a four piece set up in a natural finish, the common one up one down for the toms and the matching snare, this kit is a beautify work of art. And don’t forget the added art done by Omari’s sister and Lola Blu to really make his kit pop.

Rapid Singles!

1.What was holding you back from becoming a successful drummer? Getting past the barrier of not having the confidence to share.

2.What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? “Your humility will take you further than your skills ever will.” Omari’s dad gave this gem of advice to him.

3.What’s a personal habit that contributes to your success? Wanting to help people accomplish what they thought was at one point impossible

4.Share a resource or tool that helps you survive as a drummer. Drumeo

5.Recommend just one drum book or video. What would it be and why? Carter Beauford, because his approach to playing in the video is inspiring. Click here to get a free Subscription to audible

6.Imagine you woke up tomorrow in a world exactly like ours, you still had all the same knowledge and talent that you have as a drummer but you know no one. All you have is $500, a smart-phone, and small portable drum set. What would you do first? Buy a van, hire someone to drive around so I can just play and share the love for music and drums.

Thanks for tuning into this week’s show! Thanks Omari for joining us it was a blast sharing the time with you! Omari’s passion for helping others and sharing his knowledge in a fun and creative way is something that much inspiration can be drawn from! Until next week drummers rock on!

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