Drum Lesson With Scott: Paradiddle Potential AUGMENTATION!


WHAT IS UP!? This week, Scott wanted to show you one of the easiest ways to take your average Paradiddle and twist the Holy Moly out of it! Scott calls it” Augmenting your Paradiddles.” Augment means to make something larger or to make longer. So, in the case of the Paradiddle we can Augment two things. The “para” or the 2 single strokes, and the “diddle” or the double strokes. The paradiddle rudiment is SO useful that it is important to tap into the conceptual power of this rudiment.

Key points in this lesson.

  1. Adding More Paras (Single Stroke Pairs) by adding more single strokes we can take a single paradiddle and create a double paradiddle, triple paradiddle, quadruple paradiddle, and a quintuple paradiddle.
  2. Adding More Diddles (Double Stroke Pairs) We can add more double strokes to our paradiddles to create a  paradiddle-diddle, a paradiddle-diddle-diddle, a paradiddle-diddle-diddle-diddle, and holy cow that’s a lot of diddles. Let’s make this easier!!!!

You can think of it like this numbers on the left are the single strokes or paras, and the numbers on the right is how many diddles we will play.

Example: 1+3 will Be one para RL + three diddles RR-LL-RR.for a total sticking of RLRRLLRR

Example 2: 3+2 this means three paras RL-RL-RL with two diddle RR-LL. For a sticking of RLRLRLRRLL

The paradiddle is potentially the most musical and versatile rudiment in the drumming family. So, go master them, and make these augmented paradiddles your own!


That’s it for this lesson! Go Practice.

The Weekly Challenge:

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Here’s How To Enter

  1. Take a picture of what you wrote down in a log/journal that was successful in your practice routine for 5 days with current dates between 11/13/2017 through 11/19/2017
  2. Explain why it helped you to keep a log/journal of your successes.
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