#100: Dom Famularo – A lifetime of empowerment


What is up Drumtrepreneurs!!!

Today we are honored to have with us the most special of special guests!

Dom Fomularo!

Dom is a world renown artist and percussionist who has spanned the globe educating the masses on everything from the fundamentals of playing to the process of getting yourself out of a mental funk! I should also mention that he is absolutely one of the greatest minds I have ever spoken to and this episode was something of a journey as Dom’s story and view on life struck multiple chords with me.

It’s not very often that I don’t connect with someone with as much time and experience on this Earth as Dom, but this time was different. It felt more like therapy session in the end as I was left with a lot of self-reflection and internal thoughts that have since not left the vessel that is my brain. Dom is next level and he serves as a pure reminder to all drummers that we have a lot of time on this earth and how you spend it truly matters, how you treat others truly matters, and how you guide others REALY matters more than anything.

It really took me a long time to get the ball rolling on releasing this episode and although its been close too two months since we produced this show I could still feel the vibe… Especially during my listen back to it all.. For many of you that have been listening for the past 3 years it must have been odd for me to just drop everything after so many months of pushing things like the battle plan, webinars on self-productivity, and of course the amazing lessons on drums and business both Scott and I were putting out every week.

All I can tell you is that I hit a wall and the only way for me to have mustered up the energy and efforts to keep going forward ( after sinking thousands into this project ) was to take a long hiatus. To many of you, this might seem somewhat hypocritical as I tend to be someone who shouts obscenities at anything resembling “giving up” lol but I can tell you that it has allowed me to center myself, get a hang on what I really needed to do AND get my process better dialed in… There were weeks where I was spending so much time prepping shows and content that I left many of my own clients hanging and even more importantly I was leaving my family hanging.

But don’t worry… Now that we’re balanced. We’re back and we have a lot planned, prepped, and ready for release!

Until next week (and yes there will be a show next week 😜)

Richard Ducat

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