#101: Scott Pellegrom – Modern Day Renaissance man


YES! Scotty P is here to lay down the law of living the good life and letting go of the stressful tension that often binds us to this sometimes depressing and over-embellished world. I walked away from this chat feeling a sense of happiness that one feels during a definite paradigm shift. It had me wanting to explore nature more, put my phone in a different room, cut down on the social media & start focusing on the reality that is life. We all seem to get caught up in the internet of things, but Scotty reminded me how quickly we all become addicted and how hard but necessary breaking away can sometimes seem to be.

Listing out all of Scott’s achievements would take up fifteen paragraphs so if you’re looking for the life story tune into the cast because with this new format and solo approach to hosting I find myself leaning my show in a direction I never assumed I would even consider. No clear show laws just like the open sea.

It feels good, and it feels right.

A BIG BIG BIG SHOUT OUT TO SCOTT for blessing me with his time. I feel honored.

Until next week!

Richard Ducat

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Artist: Chillhop

Album: Study Beats

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