#105: Why Drumeo’s Best Beginner Drum Book is Perfect for All Drummers


What’s up Drumtrepreneurs! We are back with a fresh episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast and yes… We’re full video now so if you’re watching on the site.. Thank you!

Today on the show we are talking about the 7 reasons the Best Beginner Drum Book by Drumeo is perfect for any and all drummers. Let’s get started.

1. It teaches you how to set up your drums.

The drum setup system: I own electronic and acoustic and without formal education, I always had a hard time setting them up. This has taken a lot of time in the past and with chapter 1 the first thing I found myself doing was taking apart my entire drum kit and setting it back up… 10 times now. The big thing this first chapter did for me really taught me that it’s ok to take your kit apart and change things up.. in fact, it makes you better.

2. It thoroughly breaks down technique.

Chapter 3: hand technique uncovered. As Someone who just started diving deep into JoJo Meyers secret weapons for modern drummers, I can tell you that this section was paramount for me. I really enjoyed being able to look at them all side by side in an easy format like in the book. It really helped me define the simple nuances between American and German. I do wish they broke down traditional a little bit more.

3. It truly helps you understand reading music.

Chapter 4: Note values made easy: this was a no brainer and between you and I the first chapter I skipped to.. this is absolutely one of weakest playing points and where I find my self the most when using the BBDB. I really like the notation legend. I’m the type of person that needs to learn from pretty much all angles before I get the big picture. Seeing it, hearing it, and having someone break down the subtle nuances of theory. This section does so well for me across the board from the simple break down of each note value to the easy to follow practice regimens. It’s good shit. I really feel like they hit this section out of the park and I look forward to my extended approach to this area of my playing.

4. It cuts through the clutter with rudiments.

Chapter 5: The rudimental breakdown: this may very well have been one of the most important sections for me. due to spending ten plus years not know what any of these things meant it was like heaven being given a simple process of understanding. I think the best part is the simplification. They really stuck to the core essential 5 rather than trying to shove 40+ down your throat and in my opinion these are the ones that help you hit the ground running. I really like how they matched all the teachings with practice regimens that are easy to follow. Damn, I need that p4 pad…

5. It actually breaks down how to apply techniques in an easy to digest manner.

Chapter 7: The technique selector: I feel like no one talks about this stuff and being the type of person that loves purpose and intent I found myself drooling over this section. Something I never really understood was cross sticking.. this really helped me dig into the depths of its purpose behind the kit. I think the coolest part was the recommended listening section.. really really sweet way to end the section with direct examples of players using it in specific settings.

6. It defines different styles of music like magic.

Chapter 9: Musical styles – the stylistic method was really the icing on the cake for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve naively mistaken styles of music for others making my self look stupid in a circle of my musical peers.. this section really clarified a lot for me and helped me understand different styles, where they came from, when they’re used, and how to approach them. This section was paramount.

7. It helps you get better at drums.

This one is straight to the point. This book combines all three of the most important aspects of Learning. It teaches what how and why. And it’s timeless. This book will stand on its own two feet as a true piece of music education gold and I couldn’t recommend it any more than I already do. I’m so happy with this product and for such a low price point you’re basically stealing it from these guys.

I can’t tell you how amazing this book is.. That’s why I’m teaming up with Drumeo to give away 4! All you need to do is film an Instagram video of yourself explaining your weak points in playing and how you would use the best beginner drum book to benefit it. Tag @drummersilike @drumeoofficial #drummersilike #drumeo #BBDBChallenge

I’ll announce winners in the next coming weeks!

until next time Drumtrepreneurs

Richard Ducat

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