#106: Wyatt Stav – Flipping the Script on Pro Drumming


Welcome back to another episode of the podcast! Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Wyatt Stav! 

Wyatt is an up and coming Drummer who has made quite the platform for himself on YouTube and Patreon. Wyatt is chock full of expertise and one of the reasons I wanted to bring him on was to chat YouTube and my current infatuation with the platforms ability to be monetized. This is paramount for drummers of today’s as channels become more saturated and gigs start to dry up for the high paid guys. It’s now leaving a giant gap for drummers with the power to teach and entertain the guys like me who suck up hours of YT content daily!

Here’s what we chatted about today:

  1. Wyatt’s upbringing and his parents genius idea to pay an allowance for every book he read
  2. Wyatt’s struggle and journey towards finding a home on YouTube
  3. The process behind his videos and how he records his audio
  4. Life in general because Wyatt is a super bright bulb full of positive energy. This is partially why we chatted for 2 plus hours and have been texting ever since. Wyatt is a viber FOR sure!

Here’s how you can find Wyatt.


Youtube: Wyatts Youtube

instagram: Wyatts Insta

Until next week.

Richard Ducat


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