Guy Juravich of Spinbal – Drummers I Like Podcast #58


Well Hello, there Drummers! Welcome back to episode 58 of the podcast

Today we are joined by Guy Juravich! Guy is the founder, inventor, and owner of Spinbal and BOY… does he have quite the story to tell today. I’ll be the first to admit that I had no clue what we were in store for lol…

About our guest

Guy Juravich is hands down one of the coolest dudes we have ever had the pleasure of chatting with. His intelligence, charisma and approach to our chat was everything I hoped It could be and myself being a daily user and ultra super fan of the product made it a pretty easy show to swallow

In this Episode

The calling: After getting his first snare at age 9, Guy started an obsession that would last a lifetime

Hang em high: Guy breaks down the key point in his life that was original spark for his idea behind Spinbal

Ok…What?: After learning of Guy’s journey we continually keep asking ourselves how one man could have harbored such a successful journey and live to tell the tale


It was clear that after such a long show we have become much greater friends than expected and my appreciation for Guy and his story has increased ever so much… As I wrote this at 2am in the morning I started to feel a little lack of effort in my show notes skills due to my tiredness, but looking back at the show…It speaks for itself 😀

Until next time

– Richard

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