#62: Scott Jackson: Lead Educator at Drummers I Like


Welcome back to episode 62 of the Drummers I Like Podcast. This week we have the pleasure of chatting with our very own Scott Jackson. Scott is a serious cut above the rest coming with a series background on the drums that incorporates both honed teaching and an open mind towards what it would take to excel in the world of Drumming education.

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About our guest:

An army brat with a background that spreads the entire continent, our guest Scott Jackson comes from an astute background of discipline and focus. This coupled with an extreme passion for learning everything he can about drums has produced who I would call one of of the industries up and coming educators. On today’s show, we dig deep into Scott’s journey as we get a full understanding of the brains behind our education sector and Month 4 of Drummers I Like Pro.

Key points from today’s podcast:

The Kentucky Drum Chronicles: After moving through multiple states the Jackson family found a cozy home in Kentucky where Scott’s older brother picked up playing the guitar. This was the spark that lit the drum fire as Scott’s dad decided it was time for Pantico to jump behind the drum set.

Just sit down and play: After working hard on his playing and practice, Scott took his learning to the next level when he decided to head to Cleveland to take part in a drum camp with Dafnis Prieto, Tommy Igo, Peter Erskine, Steve Smith, and Dave Weckl. What a lineup. This experience would change Scott’s life entirely

Let’s Go Pro: After a long episode of getting to know the inner workings of Scotty Boy, we end our segment with a complete breakdown of month 4 of Drummers I Like Pro and everything we can expect to see with his month of educational content! This is jam packed with valuable information for drummers looking to seriously advance their playing.

In closing:

It has personally been an honor to get to know and work with Scott these past few weeks so doing this show was a real treat for not only Kevin but myself as well. Scott is a great soul full of drive, passion, and potential. He has shown me the value of taking my time behind the kit and really analyze my playing.

This month of Drummers I Like Pro is going to be our biggest month yet. Scott is severely talented at what he does and that fact that he is dropping so much knowledge for SO little is mind blowing to not only me but the entire team here at Drummers I Like Pro! Want to get involved? Want to get a free drum lesson from Scott right now?  JUST CLICK HERE

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That’s it for episode 61 of the Drummers I like Podcast. We will be back Monday with another episode of the Daily Fill featuring a new Drum Lesson from our head educator Scott Jackson.

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