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Welcome back fellow Drummers and players of the drum set! Today’s guest is Drum Guru, Mentor, Coach, and Business Owner, David Puckett I am extremely excited about the subject matter of today’s show because it covers everything from being an entrepreneur, running a full-time music coaching business, and managing a team to mastering the drums, respecting the discipline of practice, and learning to focus on patience.

David is endorsed by Tama, Remo, Vater, Meinl, and Vratim.

About our guest:

David is the founder and owner of Music Mentors Online as well as the full-time drummer for the band We Came As Romans. His past acts include The Crimson Armada and For Today. David has been playing drums for over 20 years with over half that time playing in the professional realm of it hitting the road in his teens progressing as a monster player growing a giant amount of respect from his associates and fellow bandmates. Davids company Music Mentors Online is a staple of his efforts to guide and grow his students in ways that surpass the typical student/teacher relationship. This has allowed him to find a way to apply it to all his endeavors including playing drums. David is an incredible drum set player that displays a fine balance of showmanship, cut throat precision, and tasteful phrasing.

Key points from today’s podcast:

The Hybrid Theory years: After getting his first drum set at the age of 7, David breaks down his earlier years which include his buddies smuggling Linkin Parks Hybrid Theory and Sum 41’s All Killer No Filler Albums into his house. These albums would play a crucial role in his influence behind the drums and eventually guide him to a world of metal madness.

The For Today Sessions: As David grew to find his musical self he would eventually find himself transition from black metal to post hardcore with the founding of his first big band The Crimson Armada. This band would go on to take him deep into the musical world where he created his biggest relationships and developed the early stages of his hard working, go-getting reputation. David eventually left TCA and took a few years off to focus on personal development. It was a phone call from an old friend named Matty that would lead to him becoming the permanent drummer for the Hardcore power house For Today.

It’s time to teach the masses: After an insane 4 years of successful touring and record making his band For Today decided it was time to take a permanent sabbatical leaving behind what one would call a formidable legacy. David took the down time as a way to work even harder to build Music Mentors Online into the successful business it has grown to be as it focuses to provide its students with the most interactive learning experience it can.

In closing:

David is truly a one of kind professional that has mastered the ability to navigate a multitude of extremely difficult waters continually grasping nothing but success. This is extremely inspiring for any drummer or business owner looking for a good perspective on what one can accomplish with a fine tuning of time, strategy, and drive. This show really helped me get through a busy and obstacle filled week so I hope you have taken notes and thought of how you can apply these principals to your drum set playing, practice and focus.

But wait…there’s more! 

David is hooking it up with a free lesson by clicking here as well as 20% off your first month with promo code “drummersilike” at checkout! Thanks, David!

This month of Drummers I Like Pro is going to be our biggest month yet. Scott is severely talented at what he does and that fact that he is dropping so much knowledge for SO little is mind blowing to not only me but the entire team here at Drummers I Like Pro! Want to get involved? Want to get a free drum lesson from Scott right now?  JUST CLICK HERE

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That’s it for episode 63 of the Drummers I like Podcast. We will be back Monday with another episode of the Daily Fill featuring a new Drum Lesson from our head educator Scott Jackson.

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