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Welcome back to another episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast! This week Kevin and I are back on track and excited to be chatting with the talented, successful, and true drumtrepreneur Bianca Richardson. Bianca is an absolute class act and this episode truly reflects what happens when three drummers get caught in the moment. Bianca has played with a multitude of highly praised artists including the legendary Marcus Miller.

About our guest:

Bianca Richardson is a professional drummer, educator, and touring artist with a background that truly preserves the idea that you have to be work diligently without sacrificing prudence and delivery. Her assertive nature and ability to dominate all styles of music have put her in endorsement positions with Turkish Cymbals, Protec, Vector Pedals, GoPro, and Evans Drumheads! Her powerful skillset has given her opportunities to work with a handful of superstar artists such as Artur Menezes, Marcus Miller, and Nick Walker.

What started off as a stand against sexism turned into the motivation behind the drums that would grow into an extremely successful future and jam-packed experience. Getting her drumline licks in behind the bass drum really gave her an advantage on drumset as she grew some pretty solid chops and some serious control with her hands.

Key Points from today’s episode:

  • Drive and motivation can be converted into some serious chops if focused correctly.
  • Taking advantage of every opportunity can get you that much closer to your goals.
  • The Key to success is learning to be everywhere at once.

Bianca is a success machine and we can’t wait to see what the next few years bring to her on her journey to the top. Her unparalleled approach to this whole drum game is something not many drummers have attuned to so if you’re looking for a new path to explore for success take some notes.

That’s it for this episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast, tune in next week!

– Richard

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