#69: Dave Weckl and Larnell Lewis: Yamaha 50th Anniversary


Welcome back to another episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast! Today is an extremely special episode in which Kevin, Scott and myself had the opportunity to chat down with Dave Weckl and Larnell Lewis during their performance during the 50th anniversary for Yamaha drums.

The experience was enlightening, humbling, and overall a once in a lifetime type feeling. I can’t thank Yamaha enough for offering us this honor and even more so for their professionalism and flexibility. They truly are a company that looks out for everyone in their community and you know that’s number one to the team at Drummers I Like!

Dave and Larnell only had a short amount of time today and in order for me to allow my team the chance to be involved, we decided to put together 3 short questions. In the interviews, they are split and asked by all three of us in the same order. The answers are both unique in their own right as well as inspiring.

The questions:

  1. Who is the most influential drummer of all time?
  2. Why does Yamaha best represent your sound?
  3. What’s number one on your playlist right now?

As previously mentioned, Dave and Larnell but give detailed answers that both held strong so be sure to listen in to hear why.

Once again, We would like to thank Larnell Lewis, Dave Weckl, Charlie Banks, Michael LaPick and entire team over at Yamaha Drums! It has been an honor to know you all! We would also like to once again bring light to the Yamaha Drums 50th year anniversary. This industry is one that definitely delivers some hard knocks and knowing that this small business created something really big within this community and others is really impressive to me!

– Richard

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