#71: Maciej Dzik – Pushing the bounds of creativity


Welcome back to another episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast! This week we are chatting with Polish drumming mastermind Maciej Dzik. Maciej is one of my personal drum hero’s and a drummer that has done nothing but inspire me over the last 4 years or so from his first Disperve live drum play through to his recent work with shredder Owane P. Maciej really brings a lot to the table from a persuasive style to some ridiculous fluid and powerful chops he really fits the ticket for an extremely talented prog metal drummer with jazz influence and training.

About our guest:

As I sit here I am finding a ton of trouble writing this up because I can’t stop watching videos of Maciej and his ability to play so many different types of extremely complicated songs blows me away. Maciej is from a small town in Poland that is responsible for some pretty amazing musicians and a pretty dedicated prog rock community stacked with talent. Maciej is unique in the sense that outshines the idea of being just an entreprenuer or just a drummer. He truly fits the mold for “drumtrepreneur” and by that I mean his work ethic, approach to detail, prudence, diligence, and drive are on a level that most just can’t compete with. In today’s episode, Maciej gives us the dirty details of his expansive growth as a drummer and what it took for him to get his foot in the door without losing sight of the bigger picture in mind.

Key Points from today’s episode:

  • We get the full scope story on Maciej from his early days of winning a bet with his brother to get his first drum set to the later days of becoming a master jazz player.
  • Maciej breaks down his bromance with Disperse shredder Jakub Zytecki and what led to his even bigger bromance with genius jazz metalman and known Gym Hawk Owane P.
  • Maciej gives us some detail on what to expect going forward with Disperse, his other projects, and his arm diameters…

That’s it for today’s episode but only the beginning for Maciej and his next chapter as a drumtrepreneur. With such a giant track record at such a young age, we can all bet that his destiny and future are looking extremely bright! Maciej is truly inspirational and I can now say that I have knocked another drummer off of my bucket list of artist interviews.

That’s it for this episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast, tune in next week!

– Richard

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