#74: Chad Wolf – The Drum Tech’s guide to success


What’s up Drumtrepreneurs! Welcome back to another episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast! This week we are chatting with Chad Wolf! Chad is OBSESSED with drums and currently plays with the prog rock sensation MRKTS and is the drum tech for both Luke Holland and Virgil Donati! Chad is equipped with some serious chops, an amazing volume of drum knowledge, and some serious road experience. This one is going to be good!

About our guest:

Chad caught our eye a few months back when we came across a video of him shredding some jams to his band! His playing is over the top amazing and it has literally consumed me over the past few weeks. Today’s chat takes down the path of Chad as he breaks down the entire story behind who he is and what he is doing today!

Key Points from today’s episode:

  • Chad digs deep into his background as he explains the early days of his drum career. It all started when his guitar shredding dad had a friend over for a jam. After leaving the drum kit at his house for an extended stay Chad began to pick up on his inner drummer as he would spend his time studying his dad’s jam sessions and learning the songs they would play.
  • Chad talks a little bit about what it was like working as a drum tech for the great Virgil Donati as he breaks down the story behind getting the gig, what Virgil was like as his employer, and the amazing experience he gained touring with such a legend.
  • What kind of drummers I like podcast would this be without Kevin digging into Chad’s setup and preference¬†as a player and as a drum-tech.

Chad is a young gun with a bright future in this industry. He has already built up a hefty resume, teamed up with some serious players in the music game, and really spent the time to hone in on his craft. His networking skills, ability to negotiate his deals and attention to detail crown him as a true drumtrepreneur and straight up Role Model for any drummer looking to find his place in this giant industry.

That’s it for this episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast, tune in next week!

– Richard

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