#84: Justin Scott – The Journeyman Drummer


What’s up Drumtrepreneurs! We are back with a fresh episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast. This week we are chatting with Justin Scott! This Colorado rockstar has amassed over 50K in followers in Instagram with an ability to play drums on a level some will never understand. I’ve been watching Justin tear it up for a while now and was really excited to finally get on a call with this amazing player!

Key Points from today’s episode:

  • Justin breaks it down for us starting with the early days of children growing up in the church where his dad was the pastor.¬†Justin makes mention to the key moment in his toddler years where he approached a drumset during church and started hitting the snare in time with the band
  • We did into his development as he details us on his early influencers¬†such as a Creed and POD. Justin explains how pillows were the original practice pad in his world and credit them to his ability to learn songs.
  • Justin gets into the beginning years of finding youtube and the profound impact having an index of amazing drum videos to choose from. He explains that this is why he feels he was able to pick up different styles and start to truly learn his craft.

Justin Scott is a true Journeyman player and with a resume like this how could you deny it? His passion speaks through his abilities and watching him play is truly an inspiration.

That’s it for today’s show! We will catch you next week!

– Richard

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