#85: Dre Energy – Risking Everything For Success


What’s up Drumtrepreneurs! We are back with a fresh episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast. This week we are chatting with Dre Energy A.K.A. Andre Boyd and boy am I excited. Dre is the drummer for Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam show production and currently on tour 330 days of the year. He is also the Drummer for a Michael Jackson Tribute Touring group that along with consistent clinics in places like China and Japan that keep this Drumtrepreneur EXTREMELY BUSY. Dre lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps entrepreneurial mindset and his approach to his career and profession are one that I want listeners to really take a focus on. In today’s show, we go deep into the mind of a serial entrepreneur that has taken his situation and flipped it, switched it, upgraded it, and systemized it in a way that allows him to pick and choose his endeavor.

Key Points from today’s episode:

  • Andre starts the show off with a deep insight into the importance of playing with the music and not against it. He gives us insight on why learning to be patient with your playing is the true key to success with the gig.
  • We get into the epic story of Dre’s Success and how He and is his Wife maxed out their credit cards, put their bank accounts negative, and lived in LAX for 3 days with $60 to audition for the Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam gig.
  • We dig deep into the details of Dre’s drumkit as he gives us a rundown of his gear, sizes, favorites pieces, and of course the essential tool he feels every drummer needs.

No matter how you put it, Andre Boyd is a true Drumtrepruneur demonstrating all the correct principles needed to assume each and every role involved with doing so. From his entry into the world of product development to his clinician endeavors in Asia and Japan he truly lives the life of success and adventure. He also proves the big point I end our show with and that is that no one cares about your success but you! Think about that next time you decide you go waste your time “hanging out”

That’s it for today’s show! We will catch you next week!

– Richard

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  • Awesome podcasts! Love Dre Energy playing and his approach! I agree with everything! Lol Thank you guys! You guys sure do interview the right people


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