#89: Giovanni Cilio – Diversifying Your Drumming


What’s up Drumtrepreneurs! This week we are chatting with Giovanni Cilio all the way from Florence, Italy. Gio is an amazing drummer that I wanted to bring on to the show after spending a few days at NAMM hanging with this up and comer. Get this… He is only 24 and already making waves on Instagram, obtaining sponsorship deals from big brands like Zildjian, and spending massive amounts of time networking and connecting with his community. On today’s show, I get the scoop on this up and comer as we talk the fine details of diversifying your drumming.

Key Points from today’s episode

  • We get the full scoop on Giovanni’s life starting at 8 when he convinced his parents to get him a drum set after diligently building a makeshift kit out of tin boxes and pots
  • Gio details his high school and university years taking down the path of his in-depth learning experience graduating from Florence’s top Music Academy
  • Gio talks about his trip to NAMM, experience in Los Angeles, and his plans to make it out to Southern California. This is a great part of the show as we talk about big things to think about before making a change like this.

Gio was a great guest with great conversation points and one hell of an inspirational mindset. A lot of us drummers complain about our situation, where we are, who’s around us, and what reasons that it holds us back. That is what I like about Gio… He pay’s no attention to the negatives only pushing forward and dominating his path… That’s a true drumtrepreneur…

– Richard

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