#91: Cameron Carbone – Diligence is the key


What’s up Drumtrepreneurs! This week we are chatting with Cameron Carbone. Cam is making GIANT waves on social media and I recently had the pleasure of getting to meet and hang out with him this past January at the NAMM Festival. His attitude is one that represents the TRUE #drumtrepreneur ideology¬†and I was really excited to get a chance to hear his story today. He is proof that the dream is not dead and that things are just getting started for this ever-growing community of amazing drummers.

Key Points from today’s episode

  • Cameron tells his story in great detail as he breaks down the key points in his life and break down the core of this drumtrepreneur.
  • Cameron tells all in regards to how he built his instagram following using a team to of freinds to aid in putting together his high quality content. Cameron makes it a point to discuss the importance of investing in yourself and continually putting out content no matter what.
  • We get the full break down on his drum kit, future plans for growth, and an amazing round of rapid singles!

Cameron was easily one of the coolest dudes I’ve chatted with in a long time and It was truly a pleasure getting some perspective on his insights and efforts into the growth of himself and his community.


– Richard

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