#92: Andy Prado Jr – Constantly Raising the Bar


What’s up Drumtrepreneurs! This week we are chatting with the amazing and prolific Andy Prado! Andy is the drummer for┬áSabrina Claudio, Anthony Crawford, NABZ Persian SuperBand, and Coevality. His playing speaks for itself showing a fine appreciation for jazz and latin mixed with a fresh approach to the type of playing only drummers like Matt Garstka are known for doing. I was first introduced to his playing back in 2017 when a few videos of him popped up on Instagram via a mutual and good friend Richy Ramirez’s production company. The videos were amazing and showed off mini elements of Andy’s crazy abilities to play whatever the hell he wants on a drum kit. I was hooked and knew that I had to bring him on the show because next to his playing I noticed something else very interesting… Most of the industry pro’s and influencers we all follow seem to know him and his talents very well. I’m talking Thomas Pridgen, Eric Moore, every instainfluencer I know, and more which made it very clear to me… Andy Prado is a prolific figure, an outlier if you will which is what makes today’s show so important as we dig into the mind of a true drumtrepreneur.

Key Points from today’s episode

  • Andy breaks down his life story starting with his early obsession with the drumset starting at the mere age of 3 and joining the church band at age 4.
  • After stumbling upon a drum set at his cousins house he found himself jamming for hours while his Aunt listened in another room awaiting his parents to come home so she could tell them of his talents. She convinced them that he had something special and that they needed to invest in the craft.
  • Andy talks about his 12 hour practice regimen that he kept up for over 4 years detailing his passion for the detail and diligence it takes to make it in this industry.
  • After a crushing defeat in the 2008 guitar center drum off Andy was introduced to Dave Elitch and from there Andy went from 60-120 in a small amount of time!

Finding Andy was a blessing in disguise and a part of the mini reasons in which I do this for. This show is about the Drummers that communities like the most but it starts with me and who I personally find myself gravitating towards. I love Andy’s attitude, mentality towards life, his crazy playing, and his over approach towards this world of social media we all get so caught in…

– Richard

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