#95: Chris Hornbrook – Staying Laser Focused on Your Goals


Today we have the pleasure of chatting with Chris Hornbrook of Dhani Harrison & Poison The Well. His Past acts include Senses Fail, Big Black Delta, Sleigh Bells, Fenix TX, Shai Hulud, The Black Queen, and Until The End. For Kevin and I this show was a dream come true as we got to sit at the table with a drummer that really inspired Kevin and I during our teenage years helping us find a true love within the hardcore music community during his reign with Poison the Well. Since then our guest has found himself conquering the music industry and playing with every rockstar you can think of including the son of a Beatle! Chris’s Personality is one that goes above and beyond the normal requirements of your typical superstar drummer and it was his humble approach to our conversation that really showed his true character. Chris isn’t squandering his acheivements but rather he is building forgiveness into the land as he continually builds each fundamental required to sustain a career in this industry. On today’s chat we got a little emotional in regards to the fortitude this industry takes but I challenge you to create a place for your mind to wander and ponder the idea of being in Chris’s shoes. How would you handle his situation? How would you overcome this trails and tribulations? Chris has a big career ahead of him and with so much already accomplished one can’t help but feel a sense of excitement wondering where his talents will lead him in the next 20 years.

Chris acts with courage and it’s that core fundamental that helps shape the decisions he makes and lives he affects. Chris is a true Drumtrepreneur…

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Resources Mentioned:

Yamaha EAD Accoustic Electric Drum Module

Key Takeaways:

  1. Chasing after the hard goals that others are terrified to even visualiz
  2. Persevering through the toughest of times and not being afraid to take a risk.
  3. The utmost importance of being a cool hang.

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Today’s big question:

Are you holding yourself back with the fear to take the next step?


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