#98: Taylor Gordon – From disciplined student to the Pocket Queen


“When you miss a shot on the basketball court that ball is gonna hit the ground and start rolling no matter what… It’s up to you to pick that ball up and make the next shot because if you don’t someone will”

 Today we have the pleasure of chatting with the Pocket Queen herself Taylor Gordon! This show was an honor for us and absolutely a conversation that I will never forget as Taylor broke down her life story along with an onslaught of life-altering moments and obsessive habits that inevitably put her behind the likes of artists like Beyonce, Fifth Harmony, Stevie Wonder, Daya, and more! This conversation really meshed with the culture we are trying to create within the Drummers I Like Community as Taylor continually pointed out the moments of self-evaluation that would cause her to pivot her career motivations and decisions as she dove into both the percussion and production world looking for her niche and fit.

As I broke down the barriers of Taylor’s world I think it was her clear-mindedness that stood out the most to me as making a decision that alters your life seemed to come naturally for her. This is not the case for most of us as we all tend to set our targets pretty low ready to take the first chance at success we can get. For Taylor, this just wasn’t the case and absolutely not the outcome she had in mind for herself as she made bold moves like walking about from a high-level record production contract or turning down gigs that some of us would dream to get in the determination of getting to the level she considered “successful”. Taylors humble approach to this whole thing was probably the absolute most inspiring part of our conversation as she continually pointed out (non chalantly) how much she gives back to her community by keeping them involved, staying in touch, and offering opportunities to grasp the genius that is her mind via her Patreon page and free IG feed!

Key Points: 

  1. Taylor tells the tale of her earlier years breaking down some of the key moments in her life that led up to where she is today.
  2. After a swift move to Los Angeles, Taylor breaks down the in’s and out’s of building her career along with some of the big decisions she had to make for both her pocket and her passions.
  3. Taylor breaks down her drumkit, her favorite gear, the tech behind her amazing social media stream, and some of the cooler moments pertaining to some of the great artists she has toured/played with.

In Closing:

It’s these type of people that inspire me to do what I do with Drummers I Like as the motivation that comes from hearing a story like Taylors will stick by my side for the rest of my life and find it’s way into the type of content I continue to put together moving forward. Taylor goes above and beyond, does what others aren’t willing to do, and always goes the extra mile with her actions and that’s what makes her unique and absolutely what put’s her at the top of her game and industry and the official Pocket Queen of Social Media…

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