RUMOR – Trivium parting ways with Drummer Paul Wandtke


Trivium has had 3 different drummers since Travis Smith left the band in 2010, and now rumor has it that they will be parting ways with current drummer Paul Wandtke.

While these rumors have been circling on numerous music sites, it seems that that they originated from Wandtke seeking out a singer for a side project on various social media platforms. He has recently posted a video on his Youtube channel titled, “I’m looking for a male singer to collaborate on an original project”, where he includes a sample of music and a request for a U.S. based singer. Paul states that the new band would not be “Trivium style”, and when asked if he was still drumming for Trivium, he responded, “yeah totally”. Along with these comments, he also posted a photo on his Instagram featuring a Trivium sticker on his phone with the caption, “I keep getting messages about some kind of rumors?! Thx for your concerns etc etc”.

Rumors surfacing that Paul Wandtke is parting ways with Trivium

Wandtke, who has formerly played with Kill Hannah and on the musical Rock of Ages, was rumored to be replaced in 2017 by Dragonlord drummer Alex Bent. While these rumors appear to be false, Trivium’s history with drummers could lead to some suspicions whenever issues of this sort rise.

– Dylan Vanderson


Paul Wandtke was also featured in the November issue of Modern Drummer magazine so go check it out!

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