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UPDATE: The Sensory Percussion Kickstarter campaign has ended and can now be pre-ordered at the Sunhouse Sensory Percussion Website

Drummers I Like here! I am a 31-year-old drummer and I’ll be the first to admit that even my mindset is based a bit in the analog world. Sensory Percussion by Sunhouse Percussion is changing that mindset for me with this amazing piece of drum gear.

I never really got into triggering and I’ve used Roland V-drums as a practice and recording tool for over 10 years now. I mainly use the samples that represent what I would consider the traditional drum sounds that Roland drum machines are well known for producing. My Roland V-drum kit is my invaluable. But just today I saw a video that was sent to me by our founder Rich and it got me thinking quite a bit. The sensory percussion unit by Sunhouse looks very similar to most drum triggers I’ve seen. I would say it is a little beefier, But my knee-jerk reaction was that it was just another trigger.  That’s Until I watched that video, It’s the first time that I’ve seen a trigger that can translate so much dynamic range.

I’ve generally played heavy and aggressive. We all know in those genres of music drummers use many different trigger models. Primarily on bass drums for a more consistent sound when playing intricate rhythms at fast tempos. It always seemed that however they were designed or who made the device it had trouble with dynamics and would miss trigger very frequently. That’s where the beauty of the sensory percussion unit really sets itself apart. Not only are its dynamics amazing, but this device can tell where you’re hitting the drum or rims and trigger different samples accordingly. You really just have to watch the video get the full idea.

We were very impressed and can’t wait to see more. This is where Sunhouse needs some help. The initial idea is a Kickstarter that needs more crowdfunding to get it in the hands of drummers. So if you like it, let us know what you think and send Sunhouse some love about this amazing looking product. The possibilities are endless!

The Sensory Percussion Triggering unit can be pre-ordered here


Here’s a quick blurb explaining more about Sunhouse and Sensory Percussion from their website.

” Sensory Percussion is a modern take on electronic drums that captures the true expressive nature of drumming. While triggers turn your drum into little more than an on/off button, Sensory Percussion listens and reacts, responding to the essence of your performance.

Sensory Percussion is a hardware + software system that is an overlay onto acoustic drums. The sensor clamps to the side of a drum (snare, tom or kick) and connects to our Mac/PC software via a standard audio interface as a phantom-powered microphone.

Sensory Percussion understands where and how you hit the drum. It not only lets you map different parts of the drum to any sound desired (from samples and synthesizers to digital audio effects), it also lets you control those sounds in an intuitive, expressive way.

The result is a new instrument that lets you create with electronics in a way never before possible: with the natural expressivity of acoustic drums united with the power of modern audio software. ”

About Sunhouse

” Sunhouse is a new kind of music tech company: our instruments are made for musicians, by musicians. Using the latest advances in sensor and signal technology, our products reinvigorate live performance and expand the sonic possibilities of music making.

Our operation is based in New York City and all of our technology is designed and manufactured in the US. ”

We will be updating this article frequently and as soon as we can get our hands on the Sensory Percussion Triggering unit we will be putting together a full review with videos.

That wraps it up for us over here at Drummers I Like! Be sure to check out Sensory Percussion and their Kickstarter Campaign!

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