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Kris Mazzarisi - Big Fat Snare Drum
Episode #43
About Kris
The road for Kris has been an adventure filled one for sure, from touring with pop-punk bands in his younger years too, “faking” his way around like a drum tech. Kris has always stood by the idea that if you want something bad enough you will learn along the way until you have perfected it. This is what Kris did for years as a drum/guitar tech for Sara Bareilles, but it never showed. Kris eventually found his way to LMFAO where he got to tour the world with the Party-Pop Band.
In this Episode
  • Big Fat Beginnings – Kris takes us back to his roots and shares the moment the light bulb went off for BFSD.
  • Big Fat Break – After getting a prototype into the hands of Questlove, Kris had some Big Fat Demands to fill, and he explains how.
  • Big Fat Reviews – Kevin and Richard give us the rundown on their experience with the BFSD products.
Jeeves Avalos - Drum tech for Luke Holland and Pablo Viveros
Episode #42

About Jeeves

Jeeves comes from a musical family with a father who played guitar and continually supplied Jeeves with a wide variety of genre’s growing up! With his dad being a devout guitar player he felt compelled to pick up the 5 stringed string box but it wasn’t long until a Marlyn Manson Concert opened his eyes to the fun of drums and inspired him to make the jump to his playing drums!

In this Episode

  • On The Grind: Get a real look into the mind of a “Drumtreprenuer” who is laser-focused and completely in tune with his goals.
  • The true path to success: Jeeves points back to year 13 of his life and the moment that changed his outlook on self-progression forever.
  • Getting The Gig: Jeeves gives us the run down on what it takes to make it as a paid tech in the touring world.
Greg Hersey - Complete The Beat
Episode #41

About Greg

Greg Hersey is a Florida native that comes from a family of drummers. At a young age, Greg grew up around the kit. One of the biggest influences at the beginning for Greg was his dad Scott. Once the seed had been planted Greg found his niche through some old school drummers such as Steve Gadd, Vic Firth, and young Tony Royster Jr. With such a wide variety of musical styles, these DVD’s pushed Greg to widen his depth of knowledge and playing style further.

In this Episode

  • Discover the path that leads Greg to become an educator behind the drums.
  • The role models and mentors that Greg learned from and how he takes their positive reinforcement and teaches his students to be confident behind the kit.
  • The tightknit community of drummers that sparked the idea of “Complete the Beat.” as an education tool and way to connect others in this age of technology.


Mike Martin of Predator Percussion
Episode #40

This week we have a very special guest on the show, Mike Martin. Mike is the Founder and owner of Predator Percussion. Mike specializes in the crafting of custom segmented stave snare drums.

Kevin and Richard had the opportunity to test out some snare drums from Predator Percussion which they will be reviewing for you today. Rich and Kev received two completely different snares, but the overall consensus is same. They Kick Ass!

Evan Ryan - The Drum School L.A.
Episode #39

Welcome back for this week’s episode of the Drummers I Like Podcast. This week we have the pleasure of talking shop with the bright and witty Evan Ryan.


Evan is the Founder, CEO, and Lead Educator of The Drum School L.A. He works closely with DW Drums, Evans Drum Heads, Paiste, and Pro-Mark Drumsticks and if I could put a label on him. Expert Communicator. This guy knows his stuff and he isn’t afraid to get the conversation going.

Zack Austin - The Metal King of IG
Episode #38

Welcome back to another exciting episode of Drummers I Like Podcast. Today we have on the show Zack Austin the, “Metal Machine!” Zack is studio/session drummer from New York endorsed by Mia Moore Styx.


Richard welcomes Zack and kicks us right off, diving into what brought Zack Austin to the drums. Zack’s start to music was at an earlier age from listening to his dad’s plethora of classic music, which spawned Zack’s hunger for the drums

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