Daily Fill #12: Workout routines and staying healthy


Welcome to the daily fill with me your host Richard Ducat

Today’s episode is dedicated to my wife! Anyone that’s married to an entrepreneur can agree with me when I say. IT ain’t no joke!

I have to be honest, I’m a workaholic and my wife puts up with 20 hour days almost regularly. I am constantly struggling to find time for them let alone myself is almost impossible and I would be crazy if I said it doesn’t take a toll on both sides. So, to all my spouses dealing with a workaholic… This goes out to you!

The Drummers I Like Daily Quote:

Paul Valery: The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up.
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What’s going on today?

Something we never talk about on the podcast is fitness and for a while now I have been working on the best fitness regime for my lifestyle and to assist my playing. After a long last few weeks at looking at gym alternatives, I can tell you that it’s not easy to build a home gym that works for both a drummer and mom. We have looked at ellipticals, bikes, treadmills, and benches. It has been insane. Ultimately, I settled on some kettle bells and a pair of ropes. A few years ago I had a bad ass trainer give me some rope exercises and ultimately we realized you could practice rudiments with the ropes. I’m taking the Pepsi challenge on this one and I will keep you all up to date. I think it’s important that you take proactive action now on your health now and focus on staying fit so you can always play the kit. Fit for the kit!

I want to know what you’re doing to stay in shape and specifically what you are doing to improve your playing!


Tim Buell – episode #45 and last weeks episode!

I would be a fool to drop all this info on Zack and his Drummers Guidto Speedmetal without a little podcast love! This podcast was really the beginning of what has become a tightly knit friendship and this episode bleeds inspiration. Zack has a lot going for him behind the drum kit but it’s his state of mind, approach to life’s hardships, strategic planning, and drive that enable him to be so successful.
Get the full scoop in episode 45 of the Drummers I Like Podcast featuring Tim Buell! Just Click here!

A few things you can expect to hear on our episode with Tim!

  • From Europe to the living room: Learn first hand the lifestyle of a touring drummer and find out if life on the road is all it’s cracked up to be.
  • Communication is key to accuracy: Why taking the first gig is not always the most valuable decision when starting your drum career and how to take pride out of the equation.
  • Transcribing the Greats: Tim shares with us what drew him to transcribing drummers from Aaron Spears to Calvin Rodgers.

That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!


That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

– Richard

Daily Music (heard in intro/outro):

Immortal technique – The cause of death

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