Daily Fill #14: – 1 year anniversary


Welcome to the daily fill with me your host Richard Ducat

Today’s episode is dedicated to the listeners. We wouldn’t be here without you!

Today marks the 1 year anniversary for the launch of the Drummers I Like Podcast and we are stoked to have made it this far! 60 shows, 40+ different guests, over 50 hours of audio and a ton of experience to learn from!

The Drummers I Like Daily Quote:

Richard Ducat: Podcasts are the future of Drummers I Like, just watch
Although I have not written any books, you can still grab anyone you want in the audible store for free right now with our 1-month trial that includes a free book! Just Click here

What’s going on today?

Its the 1 year anniversary of the Drummers I Like Podcast, Beta launch day for a new platform that Im developing. Hint hint… I plan to change the stigma on marijuana whilst giving medicinal/recreational collectives a strong and proper way to market themselves! Stay tuned!

Episode 1 of the podcast was with Sam Applebaum and it was one of those trials by fire type situations. Sam was a great guest and really gave Kevin and I some good material to work with. It defined everything we are today and gave us fuel to keep moving forward! We’ve had our ups, downs, in-betweens and more, but we are stronger than ever with over 50K in downloads a month with more coming each day! You all have helped build this and without you (the listeners) we would not be here today!

We are diligently working on ways to bring you more and more each month and with something really big in the works I can assure you that we have taken the leap to do so.  I want to once again thank you all for helping me build this platform, for listening each week, each day. This is for you!


Evan Ryan – episode #39

Evan is flat out a cool dude with tons of drive and ambition. He own’s a drum school in L.A., runs the city’s most elite jam session, and can play/teach basically anything ever. Our chat was fun, lengthy and full of a ton of value that you can apply today!
Get the full scoop in episode 39 of the Drummers I Like Podcast featuring Evan Ryan! Just Click here!

A few things you can expect to hear on our episode with Evan!

  • Evan’s Life story: Rich and Kevin get the full scoop on this well-developed mind.
  • Building your business, finding your knack and going for it: Evan breaks down his navigation through L.A..
  • One of the most intense Rapid singles sessions ever. Evan provides us with some pretty epic answers!

That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!


That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

– Richard

Daily Music (heard in intro/outro):

After the burial – Rareform

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