Daily Fill #26: Getting off the grid


The Daily Quote:

H. Croccoquil: “Don’t allow idleness to deceive you, for while you give him today, he steals tomorrow from you.”

What’s going on today?

I fill everyone in on my weekend off the grid and offer some of my own insights on how good it feels to turn everything off..

A few points I cover: 

  • The Difference between a day off and an actual day off for me.
  • The weird balance I found staying away from electronics all weekend.
  • I also take some time to announce last weeks winner of a free week of pro.
  • I give a ton of shout outs to our affiliates.

I won’t sugarcoat it for you by any means but taking time off the grid is just as hard as it is important. I found myself frustrated and a little anxious with the idea that things could fly south. I was good though and found myself feeling a certain way…

That’s it for the Daily Fill! Tune in Every Morning Monday Through Thursday for a new episode!

– Richard

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Daily Music (heard in intro/outro):

Anup Sastry – The Boss code or something change it…

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