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What’s up everyone? Drummers I Like back again with episode #12 of our podcast. Today we are all in for a real treat. Our guest is one of the best in the business right now, Travis Orbin.

We’re so excited to bring you today’s show. Travis’s playing is so strong and fluid he’s a great guy to chat with and hear what information he could pass along to so many drummers that look up to him. Travis is the current drummer for Darkest Hour and also stays very busy recording many, many recording sessions. Travis plays Pearl drums, Zildjian cymbals, Remo drumheads, and e-pad practice pads.

When we get things started we always like to get into a quick history of our guests and Travis was no exception. He talks about having a natural obsession with rhythm and his early love for drumming. As well as talking about lessons with his first instructor and some of his work in early bands before he became the powerhouse player we know today. Rich was a huge Sky Eats Airplane fan– we got some insight into his early work with that act as well as his time with Periphery and some of his other early professional projects. From there we really try to get into some details about how Travis approaches his vast amount of session work and the writing process for those sessions. He gets a lot of different calls so it really allows him to really put his stamp on a lot of diverse music. Another thing that Travis mentions that all us drummers need to keep at the front of our mind is his drive and work ethic. He has always made the time to work on his drumming and continues to make it his number one priority. Like I said, we can all take a lesson from that.

Travis plays quite a unique drum setup. So we enjoyed a good talk about how he started to experiment with a symmetrical drum setup and how that setup changes for different groups that he works with. I can’t speak for everyone but I personally have been very intrigued by the symmetrical and think it can really change your mindset of how you approach your playing. We had a lot of fun playing our perfect timing challenge and Travis was able to play live so listen out for his score and see how you can compare and let us know your results too! From there we get a chance to hit our rapid singles segment to really gain some great knowledge from such an amazing drummer. I won’t mention too much so you can listen for yourself. However, one thing that comes up in this part of the show was that one thing that Travis needed to work on to really launch himself to the next level in his drumming career, and that was his timing. It really puts into perspective that even the best drummers in the world have to work on these things. I think that a lot of drummers out there just look at all these very technical guys and assume that they just naturally had these abilities without having to work on them. That’s just not the case. So just like Travis had to do. Go out and become one with your metronome. Your playing will benefit so much.

So that about wraps up our show today and we can’t thank Travis enough for taking the time to share his knowledge and experience with all of us. Listen for some of his upcoming shows with Darkest Hour. They are writing their 9th studio album and Travis says a lot of the next year will probably be spent out on the road so get out and check him out live! He’s such a pleasure to watch play! Make sure to check out the Drummers I Like social media streams. We are running the Who’s kit is it? Contest. Check out the rules and you could possibly win a $25 Amazon gift card. Also, go by and subscribe to our show and leave us a rating and review. It helps us know how we can bring you the best possible show we can and helps drummers find our show. Thanks again for checking out our show with Travis Orbin and we can’t wait for next weeks show with another great guest!


Kevin Ciarlelli

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