Tru Tuner drum tuning system – snake oil product?


Hey guys Kevin from Drummers I Like here with some ideas and opinions on a new drum tuning product I’ve seen advertised recently. The Tru Tuner drum tuning system.

The Tru Tuner Drum Tuning System device is a tuner for drums and usesTru Tuner Drum Tuning System a clear reinforced polycarbonate disc with holes that correspond to the drums lugs. Special bits fit on to the lugs and when the disc is turned it spins all the lugs at the same time. While maybe I’m a bit opinionated, I just don’t see why this is a must-have tool. The argument would be that the Tru-Tune system saves tons of time with a quick head change. But from my experience of trial and error through the years of drum gear tinkering I can’t clearly see how. If you carry this tool to the gig, it seems like it would be very easy to lose some of the small angled sockets that fit onto each lug. So if you don’t have some spares then this device just becomes a Frisbee that you can throw at your guitar players when they keep asking you why it takes so long to get set up! Another key point is that when tuning the drums the Tru-Tune system may take some time out of the initial lug tightening process. Where traditionally you place the head on the drum and begin to tighten each lug with your fingers until it is applying a slight pressure to the head. It seems to me that I spend more time on seating the head and fine-tuning the drum to the desired pitch. However, when performing the seating process if I were using this tool I would have to keep removing the system to apply pressure to the middle of the drumhead to seat it and to stretch it a bit so It will hold its final tuning once we get finished and start to play. It would be a big pain to have to keep removing the round disc and possibly the lug sockets as well each time I want to stretch the head. Now, of course, the fine tuning; When it comes to drum tuning you still have to fine tune the head to your desired pitch and again If you used the Tru-Tune drum tuner then you would have to keep removing It to check pitch and adjust accordingly. I personally think that if you’re going to spend your hard earned dollars on a drum tuning aid it’s much better spent investing in the Tune Bot. This can help you ensure proper tension as well as tuning your drums to specific notes which is amazing for having a sound that really fits with the song or musical style your playing at that moment. What do some of you drummers out there think? Leave some comments below to tell us about your experience with the Tru-Tune system or If you share some of my same doubts!

What do some of you drummers out there think? Leave some comments below to tell Drummers I Like about your experience with the Tru Tuner drum tuning system, drum tuning, or If you agree or disagree with some of my same doubts!

Till next time. Ciao
Kevin Ciarlelli
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