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Welcome back to another episode of the Drummers I like podcast! This week we chat about Rich’s trip to Winter NAMM 2017 and we have the pleasure of having Jamie Gamble on to add to our discussion about some of the cool people and products that were showcased at this year’s show.

Intro – 10:00: In our usual fashion things get started with us talking about the weather in California. Rich mentions that we will be talking about his Thursday trip to NAMM. (As well as rubbing in the fact that I couldn’t make it!) Then I get to share a fun drumming experience I had gigging in Orlando last weekend. Jamie mentions that he has some big upcoming news regarding some new endorsements, so we can’t wait to hear more about that soon. He also mentions what he’s been up to behind the drums! Now its time to get down to business!

10:00 – 15:00: Now Rich gets things going about his time at NAMM. He was able to make it on Thursday for the opening of the show! He was able to catch up with quite a few fans of the show as well as some past guests. On Friday night he was invited for a lesson at The Drum School L.A. with none other than Earl Talbot as well as Evan Ryans. The lesson was involving independence in triplets from African Rhythms for Drumset by Anthony Bourdon. Rich was among great company and had a great time!

15:00 – 18:00: Here Rich really starts to break down his time at the show on Thursday. He a lot of the day moving around the show with our boy Joey Parasole (aka JoeyBones). Joey really spent a lot of time introducing Rich to a lot of awesome people and we can’t thank him enough for being an awesome guy to hang with! Thanks to Joey we got to connect with A&F Drums which make some amazing retro vintage kits.

18:00 – 26:00: Since I wasn’t able to attend the show I really wanted to know what some of the most standout companies or products that were out there. Rich mentions Beat Box Drums. They make a self-containing drumset. Think trap kit or cocktail kit, but with amazing craftsmanship. This great portable kit has some huge sound! This leads to a great chat about drum kit sizes and portability.

26:00 – 36:00: Now it’s time for Jamie to share what product really stood out to him. He took a liking to Sonor’s acrylic drums! One noticeable difference was that their acrylic shells don’t have a seam. Which can be the weak point on a lot of these type of drum shells. Plus the seam can be an eyesore. We talk at length about acrylic shells throughout this segment.

36:00 – 39:00: Rich talks a bit about Love Custom Drums out of Southern California. They endorse Joey and make VERY beautiful drumkits. Buddy is a great guy and makes some classy kits. One thing that stood out to Rich was their affordability. There was a lot of guys shooting video while testing some Love kits so go and check them out.

39:00 – 45:00: Then Rich mentions the NAMM Show 2017 sound police! Apparently, they had some guys going around and issuing tickets if your booth was being too loud. Rich got to experience this first hand when A&F Drums got issued a citation while he was in their booth. Jamie noticed it as well and has some insight into what he thought about it too. Seems a bit excessive to us. If you put drums around drummers your gonna hear some noise.

45:00 – 53:00: Next we talk about Aerodrums, which just grows in popularity. They make a system that uses a camera eye and sensors that go on the tip of the drumstick and a pair of sensors that attach to your feet. When played it looks like your air drumming with sticks. But don’t let that fool you. It’s a MIDI instrument and it sounds like your playing a full kit! It can be run through a sampler or a DAW so the ideas are endless. Not to mention you can purchase the full setup direct for $200! The slogan really says it all “The best drums you’ve never seen.”

53:00 – 1:00:00: We just keep having a fun conversation and talk about the Evan’s Calftone heads and about the popularity of the sound of calf heads kind of coming back. As well as single point drum tuning devices which then leads to tuning talk.

1:00:00 – 1:13:00: Now we start talking about Tru Tuner the product that boasts rapid drum head changes and easy tuning. Rich and Jamie really like the product. While I remain a skeptic. Perhaps in time I can mess with their product and see if it can change my mind. If any of our listeners have any experience with the Tru Tuner I would love to hear your thoughts as well!

1:13:00 – 1:14:00: Finally we mention Big Fat Snare Drum. We have been seeing their array of creative drum mutes for quite a while and really love what they are doing! It’s such a simple idea that has so much of an effect on the sound of the drums!

That about wraps review on Winter NAMM 2017. The guys had a great time and I’m very jealous! We look forward to talking to more of these manufacturers and bring more review shows to you drummers. Don’t forget soon Jamie will have some exciting news so definitely stay tuned for that! Thanks again for listening! Ciao!

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