Drummers Salute Ringo Starr of The Beatles


Richard here with Drummers I like! Everybody loves the Beatles and while we have yet to do a piece on Ringo Starr we couldn’t help but take note of the recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Celebration.


Ringo’s simplistic, yet utterly innovative drumming, technique, and feel are what make him one of the greatest musicians in history. His drumming on all those hit records is one of the reasons The Beatles are one of most well-known groups of all time. This past April, Ringo was the final member of the Beatles to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist.

In the video above, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame brought together some of the greatest rock drummers of all time: Max Weinberg (Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band), Questlove (The Roots), Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters / Nirvana), Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters), Stewart Copeland (The Police), Tré Cool (Green Day), Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Jim Keltner (various Beatles solo records), and Abe Laboriel Jr. (Paul McCartney). Each one expresses their gratitude for the legendary drummer and speaks about the genius behind his creative and tastefully unique sound.

Questlove says, “The most timeless drummers are the ones that are the most simple,” That statement could not be more accurate. Grohl calls Ringo “The king of feel.” What made Ringo such a great drummer was that he didn’t over-play his drums or drown out the other instruments. He also didn’t simply choose a basic beat for a song, he constantly came up with inventive ideas that perfectly fit that song. “He’s a song drummer. Guys that sit down and they hear the song and they play appropriately for that song,” Jim Keltner explains.

Ringo starr, The beatles, Ringo starr drummer, drummers i likeChad Smith describes Ringo’s distinct technique of leading with his left hand instead of his right on fills and explains how the different sound and feel is what makes it stand out. Taylor Hawkins imitates Ringo’s hi-hat playing by swinging his arm while describing his movements, “It kind of washes the windshield on the hi-hat. It’s a fucking Ringo thing, it’s like a style of music.” Abe Laboriel Jr. interprets Ringo’s style as, “that sloppy, swampy, falling down the stairs kind of sound,” and then goes on to say, “It is the coolest thing ever.”

Chad Smith speaks about how Ringo was notorious for coming up with really interesting musical parts that “became rhythmic hooks.” At one point, the video splices together footage of Chad Smith, Questlove, Dave Grohl, and Max Weinberg playing the signature drum part in “Come Together” to prove their point.

Ringo Starr truly has the magic touch. He undoubtedly had a significant impact on some of the greatest rock drummers of all time and continues to inspire millions of people every day. His ingenious musical talent whether playing with the Beatles or as a solo artist will be honored and remembered forever.

Check out Ringo Starr’s Zumic artist page for his latest music, news, and tour dates.

Source : ZUMIC

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